QuanTEEM students attended the EIPHI Graduate School. Homecoming Ceremony in Besançon.

The 230 new students enrolled in one of the Graduate School’s 16 masters met to discover the program for their next two years. Regular students at Le Creusot, Dijon, Belfort and Montbéliard, they joined their Besançon comrades for this half-day marking their entry into the EIPHI Graduate School.

The EIPHI Graduate School prepares master’s students for pursuing a doctorate. From the master’s level, the lessons are closely linked to the world of research since the students carry out research internships, are immersed in research laboratories and work in the second year of the master on a research project. Former master’s students, now doctoral students, presented their careers and testified to the richness of this training.

The UBFC Alumni network was also introduced to the students. They were thus able to discover all the possibilities and bridges that this network offered between them and with the socio-economic sector.

The afternoon ended with the presentation and the award of open badges to the students who came to testify.

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté University has three Graduate Schools. EIPHI offers training related to advanced materials, waves and smat systems. Two other Graduate Schools also opened in 2021: TRANSBIO, which offers courses focused on territory, environment and food, and INTHERAPI, which offers training related to individualized and integrated care.

More information on the Graduate School EIPHI can be found here.